Parenting at It’s Finest…

So Thursday my daughter came home from school. She tells me she wants to eat the rest of her peanut butter and jelly that I had put in her lunch box. She proceeds to take the sandwich out and eat it. I’m in the kitchen when she tells me her mouth is burning. I just kept doing the dishes. Then she yells out “No really mommy my mouth is burning and it burned at school today too when I ate the other half”

Well now she definitely has my attention. At this point I’m wondering how the hell can peanut butter or jelly make someones mouth burn? I go to the refrigerator to check the date on the jelly… Knowing it should be in date because I just had bought it a few weeks back at Cracker Barrel. I always like to buy different kinds of jams and jelly’s because Anaiah likes to try them.

So the date was good. I open the jar and smell it. It smelled like a pepper. The label read “Strawberry Serrano Preserve.” On the label it says it has green bell peppers in it.

Long story short, me and Anaiah laughed until we cried. She said “only you would send your child to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that has peppers in it”

From now on I will read the labels…… 🤣






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    Donna marks

    I am so proud of you.

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