Learning Coping Skills

Man, this is a hard one. I remember when I used to get so mad or upset at someone that I would have the urge to use. Or the worst, my feelings hurt. Having your feelings hurt is the worst. Because if your anything like me, you feel like you have to wear this coat of armor where no one can touch your heart. So when that did get tapped into. I would feel it so deeply.

I have learned that trusting and letting the right people in is a powerful thing. It can take you to new heights emotionally. Before I blocked all feelings out because I couldn’t handle them.

Pushing through an remembering not to react with emotions or fear to things that upset me. Rather taking a moment to regroup on whatever it is that was upsetting. Whether that be taking a walk, lighting a candle, or listening to music. It actually works.

Now I welcome the good and bad. It’s almost like an art that we can learn. If we want it. I think that when we learn the right boundaries and find the right people that we welcome into our hearts is where the magic happens.

Meditation for the Day

I believe that the future is in the hands of God. He knows better than I what the future holds for me. I am not at the mercy of fate or buffeted about by life. I am being led in a very definite way, as I try to rebuild my life. I am the builder, but God is the architect. It is mine to build as best I can, under His guidance.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may depend on God, since He has planned my life. I pray that I may live my life as I believe God wants me to live it.






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  1. Donna Marks Avatar
    Donna Marks

    Love your honesty and your coping skills.

    1. Mary Lackey Avatar
      Mary Lackey

      Well said Terra!!

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