Self Talk

Self-talk is the way you talk to yourself, or your inner voice. You might not be aware that you’re doing it, but you almost certainly are. This inner voice combines conscious thoughts with inbuilt beliefs and biases to create an internal monologue throughout the day.

I’ve always been someone who just didn’t like “emotions” or “feelings” at all. In any form.

Shoving all my emotions down somewhere to where I almost don’t feel any has always been my “MO”.

I remember my therapist in IOP wanting me to list 5 good things about myself and I froze. I couldn’t say one.

I can say good things about others all day long. But when it would come to saying them about or to myself. I was horrible.

I was always trying to project some false reality of expectations onto myself.

Now I practice kind self talk. It sounds silly, especially at first. But it’s powerful.

Researchers have found that positive self-talk can help immensely with work performance, learning, self-awareness, and managing anxiety. Positive self-talk reframes the way we look at stressful situations and how we can approach them → Going from “this is too difficult” to “I can do this!”






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