Tips on Raising Strong and Confident Daughters

One of the most important goals for any parent is to raise strong, confident and humble daughters. Raising strong and confident girls who are also humble can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Here are some tips on how you can help your daughter become strong, confident and humble:

1) Set a strong example – Your daughter will look up to you as an example of strength, courage and humility. Let her see that you have the strength to stand up for yourself even when it’s hard or uncomfortable; show her that you have the confidence to step outside your comfort zone, take risks and reach beyond what is expected; show her that you respect others by being kind, understanding and open-minded.

2) Encourage independence– As your daughter grows, it’s important to help her become strong and independent. Allow her to make mistakes, take risks and have a strong sense of self-reliance. Encourage her to pursue activities that she loves, discover her talents and develop them further.

3) Show compassion – Remind your daughter regularly that although strength and confidence are important, so too is humility. Show her how to be kind, understanding and compassionate towards others. Teach her the importance of being mindful of other people’s feelings and perspectives.

4) Promote positive body image – There’s no doubt that strong girls come in all shapes and sizes; however, we can’t always rely on media & entertainment to portray strong women positively. Make sure your daughter knows that strong equals beauty and that being strong includes having a positive relationship with her body.

5) Celebrate successes – It’s important to celebrate all of your daughter’s successes, big or small. Celebrating her accomplishments will not only make her feel strong and confident, but it will also remind her of the importance of remaining humble even in success.

With these tips, you can help raise strong, confident and humble daughters who are ready to take on any challenge life throws their way!

“Let’s teach our daughters it’s not about being beautiful. Teach them to be bold. Be silly. Be strong. Be confident. Be independent and intelligent. Be brave. Be fierce. Be real, in a world of fake. Let’s redefine beauty.”

“If i could give my daughter three things, it would be the confidence to always know her self worth, the strength to chase her dreams, and the ability to know how deeply loved she is.”

Good Luck !!! Sometimes it backfires on us when they are too confident. Ha ha!!





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    Also, be kind to yourself, mom. Most of us truly do the best we can.

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