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Why is it So Hard To Get Mental Health Care

Just yesterday, a family friend reached out to me, seeking help with her battles against substance abuse and mental health challenges. Knowing my own journey, she hoped I could offer some guidance.

Without hesitation, I swooped in to support her as we ventured to a highly-praised local center, supposed to be the heart of resources for individuals like her. Upon arrival, she faced an assessment, predictably failing a drug test – but this was the point, after all. We sought the help she deserved.

Hours ticked by, anticipation turned to dread as we were ultimately turned away. Frustrated, I pleaded with the supervisor, sharing my truth as a recovering addict and the urgency of seizing opportunities when someone is bold enough to ask for help. The battle for my friend’s well-being continues…

In our community, a pressing issue lurks beneath the surface, yet it remains dangerously overlooked. Countless addicts, desperate for help, are turned away, often with dire consequences. The question arises: Are we failing them when they reach out for a lifeline?

Though change ultimately lies in the addicts’ hands, we preach asking for help when struggling. But where is this assistance when it’s needed most?

Despite many attempts and the promise of abundant resources, the grim reality reveals a stark contrast. Witnessing life-altering opportunities slipping away can’t help but leave a heavy burden on one’s heart. The silent cries for help echo, but who will hear them?

Feeling incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received, while also acknowledging the tireless efforts of those in the community striving to help others. Just can’t help but feel disheartened when witnessing a desperate addict being denied the treatment they need.

I was also turned down countless times before receiving help.

I was also told to have her chug alcohol and go to the hospital for her to be able to receive help.

I hope we can start talking about this issue more.


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  1. David Avatar

    I’m really glad you can be there for her. You’ve probably heard or used this phrase: The opposite of addiction is connection. Having a connection with you, and knowing how much you care, is itself a really big deal.

    I’m glad to know you care so much! And I pray that she will continue to navigate her recovery journey with each step leading toward progress and sobriety.

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